New Music Video Coming Soon!

Spent this past weekend in upstate NY shooting the music video for my new song "Shittier". We spent a lot of time making fake poop, getting hit by fake poop - and, of course, cleaning up fake poop! "Shittier" is my first music video in almost eight years, and explores the current "shitty" state of the world with humor and hope - while offering historical and personal perspectives as well.

The video is directed by Angel Yau (AZN POP, Billy on the Street), and the track was produced by Jody Shelton (Star Wars: The Farce Awakens, 50 Shades! The Musical), mastered by Joe Lambert (The Revenant Soundtrack, Dirty Projectors), and written & performed by me.

"Shittier" premieres all over the Internet later next month!