DaF (Diverse as F***) Festival
8:30 PM20:30

DaF (Diverse as F***) Festival

Caveat presents
Diverse as Fuck Comedy Festival

March 31 - Night 2 (Sat) Tickets: bit.ly/2FqVS9d

The DaF Comedy Festival highlights underrepresented voices in society by creating a safe and supportive space for expression.

We welcome all forms of comedy regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, ability and age.

By doing this, we’ll accentuate all voices of the comedy community and shed light on the diversity that currently exists in our lives.

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Apologies from Men: The Concert
9:30 PM21:30

Apologies from Men: The Concert

The apologies of men, set to music. Featuring the apologies of Louis CK, Kevin Spacey, Mario Batali and more! Described by IndieWire as "one of the most brilliant upsides to come out of the recent wave of sexual assault stories rocking Hollywood" this concert and album is brought to you by Lauren Maul, the creator of "Amazon Reviews: The Musical!"

Featuring the musical talents of...
Alyson Greenfield
Jen Kwok
Tahlia Sworld
Chase O'Donnell
Alexius Diana
Kate Weber

Tickets are $10, but the misogyny is PRICELESS. Tix here.

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